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Written by Monirul Islam

22nd September 2022

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Today has been my favourite day of the holiday, I know I said that yesterday, but today has surpassed it. It was a tour west again, this time to see mostly abandoned Soviet architecture in Chiatura, plus some unusual places of interest. Our wonderful guide was Sally, plus we had a driver and just two other tourists, a couple from Amsterdam, Hanukah and Sasha who were very interesting. As always, the traffic was bad in Tbilisi, this is because of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine resulting in 60,000 Russians moving to Georgia to get away from the war. It’s not just about avoiding fighting, but because all living conditions for the Russian people have vastly declined with the worldwide sanctions and their bank accounts are suspended. Georgia is a good place for them …….

Walking Tours, Tourist Train, Almost, and Museum of Apprenticeship.

Today was a clothes washing day and Tim decided to check out how the washing machine works. He worked it out alright. He set it going on a non reversible cycle with nothing inside ; just a test run. We left the machine to clean itself for an hour, and wandered out to the Tours Weekly Outdoor Food Market. It was a hot sunny day, perfect for getting your washing dry, if you had any to dry, but equally good for just soaking up some rays and buying fresh veges, a cooked chicken, and some melon for dessert; how decadent. A friendly café near the market had three cappuccinos with our names on them, so we found a corner table overlooking the street and placed an order, a little wary of how a cappuccino is interpreted 

Dressing up for nuns in Soviet Chiatura, Georgia

Day 12 Georgia. Weds 21st Sep Dressing up for nuns in Soviet Chiatura, Georgia Today’s trip was supposed to be yesterday and then tomorrow and was now today. After not getting home until nearly midnight last night (and then still having to upload blogs), the important thing was an early start today. So 7am it was. Off to our usual office of Gamarjoba tours (the best) booked through Get Your Guide. Today’s guide has been Sally who has been great, full of excitement with interestings stories and always willing to listen and join in conversations. Our fellow travellers were a Dutch couple who have perfect English of course. Conversation was good and, as usual, we told the truth about our 

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