Co-Managed IT

Helping you build a healthy, secure and intelligent company with a team dedicated to your ongoing success

Your business is always evolving, facing new challenges and striving to reach your goals. The goals may change but the work never stops. Adapting your business to the ever-evolving world around you, the ever-changing landscape of your clients, staff and things outside of your control can be a challenge.


Supplementing your team with an outside resource that works in harmony with your goals and objectives.

Should your business need an extra pair of hands, ongoing resources, frontline support to release your team for more impactful work or a combination of them, we can be your technology services partner.

As a provider of services and solutions to a wide range of clients we use a suite of tools to enable a streamlined, focused and purposeful approach to supporting businesses. Our tools, systems and resources will be made available so your business can take advantage of a platform that will enable synergy and progress.

The Cavalry

We don’t replace your technology team, we support them. When your business and team need additional resources, a specific skillset, an escalation point or a dedicated area of responsibility we are in it together with you.


Are you in a position where you want to support, upskill or hire a new member of staff to work in the technology team?

Whether this is a junior position, a management position or somewhere in between we can mentor your employee, helping them to develop their current skills as well as learn new ones.

We will also be on hand to support your employee as well as the business as they grow in their role.

Once your employee is fully up to speed and firing on all cylinders you may not need our services anymore and we will deem that a success. We’ll still be available if you need us or we can take on a different role of supporting your evolving company.



Do you already have an effective team that diligently work on the frontline solving your technical issues, keeping your business running smoothly and are simply just great tech people? However, is there a piece missing that seems to disconnect the goals, ambitions and strategic trajectory of the business?

We understand that having the right people in the right seat is important. Getting the most value out of a member of the team can be a burden when you take them away from where they are so effective, have a great impact and doing something they love.

Supplementing your team and business with a fully focused role on ‘the big picture‘ can make a dramatic impact while allowing your current team to continue to flourish.

We are advocates of the evolution of businesses and want to see them grow to be healthy, secure and intelligent

Business Evolution is focused on the strategic progress of your organisation. Working with the decision makers in developing the future landscape, navigating the current challenges, understanding the current risks and moving forward to achieving company goals.

By blending vision, strategy and execution of the plan with the right toolset we will help maximise your resources and deliver your results.

What Should I Consider When I Want To Create Long-Term Profitablility And Impact For My Business?


 1. Set out what you want to achieve

2. Integrate and develop your systems and processes with your team and the technology that powers them. 

 3. Actively seek to improve

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