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Adam Foster, Managing Director

We help North East based companies solve their business and technology challenges.

Through our management, implementation and consultancy services, we help our clients build their vision of a high performance business that operates in a healthy, secure and intelligent way

Are you looking for IT Support, Managed IT Services, a new IT Service Provider or Something More?

Take control of technology to achieve your business goals

Grow your business in a healthy, secure and sustainable way…

Don’t be frustrated by technology that costs you time, money and energy. 

Protect your company brand, reputation and members of your team…

Don’t be overwhelmed by technology, stopping you and your team focusing on your success. 

Run a sleek organisation with a competitive advantage

Not hitting a brick wall with growth when your technology doesn’t match your ambitions. 

Concentrate on business success

Not dealing with the headache around security, breaches and fines that may cost your business heavily.

Business Health and Performance

We want to understand what success looks like for you

Business Health and Performance is built on 9 key drivers that impact an organisation’s health, security, and operational intelligence.

These 9 drivers are: Best Practice, Business Continuity, Compliance, Education, Growth Strategy, Infrastructure, Productivity, Risk Management, Security.

Your business will, in one way or another, be powered by these 9 drivers. They interlock and work together to create motion for your business vehicle.

How you build, develop and fuel your drivers will determine your outcomes and your ability to make the journey you want to take.

When these areas are operating at peak performance you have developed a balanced engine ready to power your organisation’s vehicle forward, take on new challenges and become primed to reach your desired goals.

Our passion is to help you build and maintain you business vehicle, powered by the right engine for your success.


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What Is The Next Step In Your Growth Journey?

What considerations are there when dealing with the long term health of your business?

Choose your pathway

Starstream Data have several pathways available to assist you with breaking through barriers and conquering your challenges.

Co-managed IT

Strengthening and supporting your current inhouse IT team with people, tools, systems and purpose.

Virtual Technology Director

An ongoing relationship that provides a director level mindset and approach to evolve your business.

Business Evolution & Technology Team

Evolution and Execution. Your outsourced team working from the strategic high level to the day to day execution and management of the technology that secures and fuels your business.


Strategic help with where you are now, steps to business change or to get an independent outside perspective of your plans.


Providing the skills to implement positive business change for a one time project.


We are in an online world that is connecting people, enabling collaboration, and reaching previously unimagined possibilities. 

We also live in a world where information can be used for positive and for negative actions and for security purposes, we do not openly disclose the identity of our clients.

Our testimonials are all from real life people who we have worked with and if you would like to discuss their comments further, we would be happy to put you in touch with them to verify their kind words.

{We have been working with Starstream Data for over 10 years now and we have always felt looked after. Our business is able to concentrate on growth in the knowledge that our IT and security are being taken care of by a professional and friendly team.
Manufacturing Sector
{We are a demanding company who operate 24/7 and need a partner who can keep our business running. Starstream Data have helped reduce our stress by understanding our needs and building solutions to match our business. With our accreditations we have compliance requirements and they are able to help us meet our obligations through their services. If you are thinking on working with them you won’t be disappointed.
Security Sector
{A great customer experience We have only ever worked with Starstream Data for our IT needs and we don’t plan on changing. They have provided us with a great service over the many years we have worked together and they certainly know their stuff.
Manufacturing Sector
{They take the time to understand us We are not the most technically minded and Starstream Data have helped us greatly. They take the time to understand us and talk in a way that makes us feel comfortable and not bamboozled with tech speak. We have a trusting relationship and I can honestly say that they go above and beyond any company that we have dealt with. I love that we are never forced into buying anything, simply provided with information that will help us as a company make an informed decision for what is right for us.
Financial Sector
{Starstream Data WILL make your life easier and your business run smoother We have worked with other IT firms and no one compares to Starstream Data. Our business now runs smoother and our lives are so much easier. We now have a partner that is focused on our business success as well as our IT systems. They are always proactive and make sure that we have a fantastic experience, which our staff really appreciate.
Retail Sector
{Starstream Data are a pleasure to work with, very friendly and help us make sense of technology that is often difficult for non-techie people to understand. We get good advice and they deliver a quick and responsive service that matches our needs. We would recommend Starstream Data for providing a good, friendly service at a price that is value for money.
Art and Retail Sector

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