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Virtual Technology Director

Helping you build a healthy, secure and intelligent company with a team dedicated to your ongoing success

The Virtual Technology Director role works off the principles of what we call Business Evolution, which is focused on the strategic progress of your organisation. Working with the decision makers in developing the future landscape, navigating the current challenges, understanding the current risks and moving forward to achieving company goals.

By blending vision, strategy and execution of the plan with the right toolset we will help maximise your resources and deliver your results.

Where is this role effective?

Do you already have an effective team that diligently work on the frontline solving your technical issues, keeping your business running smoothly and are simply just great tech people? However, is there a piece missing that seems to disconnect the goals, ambitions and strategic trajectory of the business?

Do you want to develop an in-house team that are laser focused on their tasks? Hiring people with specific skillsets that you know will benefit the long term goals of the business, get things done but you don’t want to dilute their time and attention?

We understand that having the right people in the right seat is important. Getting the most value out of a member of the team can be a burden when you take them away from where they are so effective, have a great impact and doing something they love.

Supplementing your team and business with a fully focused role on ‘the big picture’ can make a dramatic impact while allowing your team to¬† flourish.

We are advocates of the evolution of businesses and want to see them grow to be healthy, secure and intelligent.

What Is The Next Step In Your Growth Journey?

What considerations are there when dealing with the long term health of your business?

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