Ethical Hacker Shows How Easy It Is To Damage Your Business

Written by Adam Foster

8th December 2022

One of the greatest benefits to a modern day business is the technology that is available to help run business operations. IT systems are key in how we operate with speed, accuracy and interact with clients, suppliers and fellow staff members.

These systems also present a worrying risk to our companies due to the negative impact that can be made when these systems are unavailable or hijacked.

Known by the term hackers, people are out there using technology to their advantage by making it your disadvantage. By harnessing weaknesses in technology and by leveraging people, hackers can do some serious damage to your company brand, data and reputation.

Below we have 3 videos recorded by an ethical hacker, demonstrating how easy it can be to infiltrate your company and what it looks like from the attacker and the victims side of the monitor.

The first video shows a ransomware attack by encrypting valuable data. 

Email is widely used as a source of communication and this leaves us potentially vulnerable to its misuse.

In this video an ethical hacker will show you how easy it can be for them to access your systems and have the power to cause substancial damage to your company, brand and reputation.

Have you ever had your mobile phone announce ‘system update available’ well that’s because systems are not perfect.

This leaves them open to potential vulnerabilities and this is why instead of saying ‘I’m broken and need to be fixed’ you get the ‘system update available’ notification.

Something has been discovered where it either does not work the way it should, a security flaw has been detected and it needs to be fixed, or the happier reason of a new feature is being released.

In the following video, you will see why it is important to keep systems up to date

These are only 3 of the challenges that we face in the fast paced world of business and technology

We see what can be created and we also see what can be destroyed. We recommend that you:

1. Consider both the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to implementing systems into your business operations. The cost of not implementing security practices can far outweigh the investment when the business suffers downtime, brand damage, and the subsequent stress in the event of a breach.

2. People are busy, used to certain ways of operating and this can be taken advantage of. Ensure they are trained and up to date as they make up part of the company’s defences.

3. Utilise the skills and resources that are available to you. Ensure your inhouse or outsourced IT team are working with the business to drive it forward as well as protecting it.

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